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The new Italian Episode is released!

author:Rising Super Chef 2 time:2014/10/14 16:49:09 visits:


Ciao Italia!

The new Italian episode is open now, please get the update on Google Play(version 1.2.1) or App Store (version 1.2.0). Dozens of Italian cuisines are ready to be served.

Thank you for waiting! Thank you all for your patience. There are so many exciting updates in this new version. The new Speed Shoes are so powerful that let you walk much faster. A new dress is specially for this episode, and the energy capacity upgrade increases from 150 to 300! From now on, there will be 45 levels in an episode and 2 new level updates in a month. The latter 15 levels of this episode will be available in 2 weeks. And a new Mexican episode will be available after that. 

Hope you will enjoy this update!

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